i've got vodka in my blood, so I dance with brown bears and my soul is torn apart
я уже поорала Насте в ватсапп, но хочу еще.

«The Daily Mirror (UK) today speculate that 'Adele has flown to Los Angeles to secretly record the music for the new James Bond movie SPECTRE.... [she] was flown over by executives from MGM to work on new scores."

A 'source' at MGM, apparently told the paper "Everyone thinks Adele is here for her much anticipated new album, but she is actually working on a music idea for the James Bond film. She hadn’t been in contact with the film bosses for a few weeks, but suddenly she said​ she had great plans for the theme, so they flew her over."

"The execs made their feelings known to Adele that they want her back for the next film. They’ll still have to decide whether they want the tune once it’s recorded."

Ben Whishaw, who plays Q in the film, had already confirmed that the title artist has been chosen».

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